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Defender Auction Values

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I try to keep a weather eye on Defender auction values mainly for a guide to replacement if mine got paid out by the insurers.

I have noticed a trend where Puma Defenders on average do not quite make their CAP auction values unless they are fairly new vehicles.

Generally they achieve 80-90%.

On the other hand TD5 Defenders pretty much always exceed the CAP auction value by 5 to 15% unless they are real dogs.

As expected TDIs tend to exceed their CAP values, if these are given.

So is this the trade reacting to the market? Are Pumas considered less attractive for resale? and if so why??

Just thinking out loud


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My parents recently replaced their elderly 300tdi 90csw. They looked at Pumas but didn't like the cramped dash, lack of seating, tales of woe from some people of problems with early Pumas and instead went for as new as they could get td5 - a 56 plate td5 90csw, costing more than an early equivelent puma, on the assumption that after 8 years Land Rover had pretty much sorted the td5 and the R380, plus it has the "puma" doors and can carry seven people,

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Not paying specific attention for no other reason than boredom most of the time but I'd agree with your conclusions about td5s seeing higher prices. Not entirely sure why that is, I think I've accepted the tdci's but for some reason they don't tick all my defender boxes. I'm not sure if it's the oddly geared 6 speed box or just the least well built of the lot. With Td5 only Just sneaking ahead there! I've thought a few times of getting a tdci, but the bodies seem to go on them so quickly it would break my heart on a new truck.

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