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Td5 head question

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You may have seen my other thread, if not you may still know the answer.

Is it possible that somebody fitted a 10p head to a 15p engine in my truck?

I have a 15p engine number on the sticker on the rocker cover, though that proves nothing.

There is a fuel cooler (15p only?) But a 2 pipe fpr.

Short of taking off the rover cover and checking the colour of the injectors, what else can clue me in on what I have in there?

Also....The truck seems to run ok allowing for the leaky fpr- would that be the case of a 10p head was fitted to a 15p block?

Soooo confused....

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Can you not just fit a 10p fpr? Is that not what is currently fitted but leaking?

All td5 blocks are the same afaik, so yes any td5 head would fit.

That's what I'm looking into now. Of course, when you have the 15p part sat on the bench you want to make sure you're barking up the right tree before splashing out again.

I'm trying to find someone with the world's best 'spares shed' who fancies a straight swap.

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Thanks for this. Does this mean that by putting a 10p head on a 15p you are getting fuel delivered at a different pressure? Will this cause issues with how the engine runs?

Was your problem you had the wrong head on your block? What was the result?

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