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Defender Mirrors

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During a trip up to the North East this afternoon the addition of towing mirrors caused the main mirror to fold down due to the high winds.

Top tip.

Fit a jubilee clip to the mirror stem below the mirror head with the driver below the mirror face. This stops the mirror tilting down.

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Have been considering getting these easy swap in extra large mirrors recently, they would probably be even more susceptible to the 'mirror flop' if you have mirror extenders attached, but might negate the need for the towing mirrors to some degree?

Has anyone ever used these: http://www.mudstuff.co.uk/defender-xl-mirror-head.html

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I'm guessing that as they use the same clamp arrangement you are correct in thinking they will fold down.

I need e extension mirrors to see along the sides of my van, so they are not an option for me.

As an alternative, could you simply not just fit a spacer block/extender between the mirror mount and door hinge? The mirror itself is more than big enough. Moving it outboard would solve the problem.

Lots of US trucks can be optioned with towing mirrors, can't see why you can't do similar to a Land Rover.


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You'd be better off doing it properly and buying the extended arms with standard heads for the MoD TUL/TUM XD (Wolf) Defenders - they had an extended arm on one side to account for the side stored spare wheel. The mirrors are not sided, so fit two of them and you'd be done.

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I have been using the large mirror heads on my LR's for over 20-years now (first fitted a set to my 101FC back in 1993 and then to my Defender when I realised how excellent they were).

I did initially find that they could tilt back if driving into very strong headwinds but soon discovered that a small dob of silicon (or similar) on the ball fixed the problem permanently, it causes additional friction between the two surfaces but still allows the mirror head to be moved or adjusted.

Add a heated element and you have what I consider to be the perfect mirror.

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