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defender ecu and 10as

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hi i recently bought a project 2005 defender 110 td5 van type body from a local auction which had previously belonged to an electricity company. the vheicle had been cannibalised and lots of parts are missing. the ecu was gone and i purchased another on ebay nnn500020. ive fitted the ecu and with a bearmach hawkeye coded in the injectors. my question is how do i match the ecu to the 10as immobiliser unit. the vehicle cranks but the fuel pump isnt running but the fuel pump relay is energised
which could be just a pump problem. im assuming that its a fairly basic 10as
thanks john

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Hi, I don't know the answer to this question however I was under the impression that the AS10 does effect the pump? it only knocks out the starter motor.. but I could be wrong on that one.

I assume if the relay is working then power is getting to the pump itself... or you could test it via the orange plug on the engine side of the bulkhead, as that's a hook up for it.. I think. there is two other plugs too under the water expansion tank too which could be for the pump if the orange one fails. only reason I know this is because I have just removed the loom from the chassis rail for welding.


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You need to tell the ECU to "learn" the AS10 code. It's a command/function on the Hawkeye.

THE AS10 will stop the starter motor turning if it's not immobilised but the ECU controls the fuel pump and won't activate the pump (or anything else) until it gets the correct code from the AS10.

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