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Indicator problems and dash removal on a 1992 TD90

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I bought my TD90 in September 2015, fully Mot'd(!) but once on the road, the fuse for the indicators, guages and brake lights (no 5, 15 amp) keeps blowing. It blows when I operate the indicator switch - it's fine at a stand-still, but blows on the move! I've checked that the indicator lights are all getting power, and that they are all earthed. I have read that the hazard switch (through which all the wires pass, I'm told) can be a weak point. Will replacing this switch cure my problem? If not, I reckon that a wire must be shorting somewhere in the loom near the fuse box. The wires pass through the bulkhead in a thick bundle, but without removing the dash, I can't really inspect any more than the first couple of inches of the loom.

If that's the case, please can anyone let me know how to remove the dash? I've got the grab handle (passenger side)and heater controls (driver's side) off, but can't see what else I need to undo to get the dash to pull away.

Any help would be brilliant.

Thanks, all.



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Which part of the dash are you looking to remove? if you want to remove the whole lot then it's easier to start from the top down. Part of the loom goes from the fuse box through a large centre grommet to the engine bay but the rest runs along the top of the lower heater duct/plenum up behind the instruments, I'd suggest looking at the wiring around the steering column/behind the instruments etc before ripping the rest of the dash out. If it's only tripping when driving (ie steering) can you get it to blow if stationary then going from lock to lock?

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