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R380 box and TB levers in "right" position


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Hello - I'm new to this forum :)

Can you please advice me about mounting the R380 gearbox together with the stock LR transfer box and keeping the TB levers in original position. Which changes are needed to archieve this result.

The plan is to put a 200TDI engine in my 109 series 2a station wagon...

Happy to share your knowledge!

Cheers, Pesto

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Hi, Pesto., and welcome.

If you have a 200Tdi, you would be more likely to use an LT77. Short R380s are rare and expensive. There is a recent thread on retrofitting LT77/LT230 into a Series LR by two members which you'll find in the first few pages of the sub forum. Tdi conversion details are widespread and can be found easily with a quick search.

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