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The Spirit of Land Rovering


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On Sunday I ran out of fuel on the M27 and as I was phoning the AA Steve in a Series 3 pulled in to offer help.

Big thanks

He then towed me into Sainsbury's carpark to allow the AA to jump start me as I had flattened the battery trying to get fuel through.

Steve's Reg is HFG3**V if you are on here thanks again if not and anyone knows him please pass on my gratitude.

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There has been a great demise in the helpfulness of society in general, two weeks ago I winched out a brand new Ford Transit tipper that's a*** end had slid into the drainage ditch whilst being placed on the grass in front of the forecourt, driver error for sure but 10 mins later he was free, they thought they could pull him out with the Ranger but suddenly realized no tow rope meant no towing lol. I pulled in after passing and seeing them struggling, decided to winch it out as didn't fancy churning up the wet grass, rolled up to the curb, reeled out the hook, few mins of pulling him up and out, spool the cable back on and before I was back in the drivers seat the manager came with a big bottle of red wine and 20 euro as thanks.

I will help almost anyone as long as they acknowledge liability and assume responsibility in front of others or as recorded on my phone, a great many would be helpers has come unstuck through court cases for damage, myself included!

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If I see a LR stuck somewhere I always stop to offer some help ( even if my very average mechanicing doesn't solve the problem). Isn`t this why most of us wave or flash our lights?? Otherwise I may as well drive a Ford Focus and treat everyone else on the road like a complete crouton.

Well done Steve

(Apologies for my dyslexia).


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