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Cost to have a rear quarter chassis fitted/welded on

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Tdi or td5?its a lot easier and cheaper to do a tdi than a td5

Last one I did with extentions took a couple of hours, I think I charged £80 to fit it.

I much prefer replacing the crossmember like for like if the chassis rails are still good but this is more time consuming.

Personally I think if that if it needs extentions it's better to think of replacing the chassis .

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And to be honest, I'd be wary of taking it to a "garage" to get done anyway - most, including those featured in Landrover magazines, seem to be pretty poor at welding anyway. I am trained and time served in mig and TIG what I see some garages churning out is abysmal.

If it is a 90 tdi and you are fitting one with extentions it's easy enough to do most of it yourself and prep it and get a proper welder to weld it in which case it will be an hour tops.

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