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stuck in small town 500km from home - clanging noise 200tdi, need help

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I'm a little bit screwed right now... im stuck in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada - shop I got towed to asked, "what kind of car is that!?"

I was driving along on the highway - everything seemed fine... might have been running a tad hotter than usual, but I was going up and down hills so I didnt think much of it... I was cruising along at 100km/hr when I hear a "clanging" noise... it sounded like a bolt was rattling around in the engine - metal on metal type deal.... I drove for a few sec with the sound because at first I didnt think it was the car - I didnt lose any power.. and there were no new vibrations associated with the clanging...

when I pulled over, what I could notice was; it's leaking a bit more oil than usual... and theres some blueish smoke when I rev. It revs fine despite sounding like theres a bolt ratteling around inside....

As far as I can tell... the noise seems to be coming from the left side of the engine (opposite to the turbo) nearish the timing belt area..

My options are pretty limited right now... but REALLY hoping someone here might have some insight....

recently replaced:

injector pump

turbo intake gasket

timing belt

valve cover gasket

fuel lines to injectors..

its going to cost me an arm and a leg to get it towed to the nearest specialist... reallllly hoping someone might have some insight!!!

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depending on your time frame staying there...

1) you could drop the oil and pop the sump off, check your oil for metal, and you could do a quick health check of the underside.

2) pop the valve cover and have a feel to make sure all clearances are ok and no excessive tappet gaps experienced.

3) check timing is ok, pop inspection cover on timing case align TDC verify timing pin hole and marks all line up - to verify she's not jumped a tooth on the timing belt.

4) any evidence of rubber/swarf falling out the timing chest breather hole?

Is the noise related to engine revs or is it constant? - where you leaking oil?

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Hmmm, I'd start with whipping off the rocker cover first to check nothings worked loose. After that I'd be looking behind the timing cover to see if a bolt has worked loose from the pump sprocket or even the belt tensioner.

Scanning round the engine with an ear to a length of hose might help narrow down the area.

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There's a cover with three little screws on the front of the timing case, just pop that off and have a look. The NA (I know...yours is a 200...bear with me) that was previously in my 109 once had the nut come loose on the front of the injector pump and it was rattling against the inside of the timing cover.

Same previous owner had another issue with his 200tdi a bit back, started clattering and low oil pressure, turned out the retaining bolt had come out the front of the cam shaft and that had slipped back, but it doesn't sound like you have the same symptoms.

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Check the tightness of the pulley on the nose of the crank: it's not unknown for the big bolt down the front to work loose, then the pulley wobbles on the nose of the crank and upbuggers the keyway in the crank (which in turn leads to the timing-belt pulley's location going walkabout and causing all sorts of strange faults)

Also, before running it again, check the cambelt condition itself: you may have had a tensioner collapse and it could have hopped a tooth. Better to check the belt/tensioner condition rather than try running it again, having the thing hop more teeth, and incurring more expense by bending/breaking rockers/pushrods/valves/valve-guides.

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