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Think you may be overcomplicating things a bit.

Link batteries positive to positive, negative to negative.

If you want separate isolators then a short lead from either positive battery terminal to isolator, then on to the winch. Same for vehicle electrics (which I assume you mean starter etc here), short lead and then on to starter motor stud.

One battery lead from either battery negative to chassis, then there is normally a lead from chassis to engine (starter motor bolt often), or you can go straight from battery negative with another lead to the starter motor bolt. That is your earth sorted out for the vehicle.

Then, for winches, you *can* just earth to the chassis, especially with a nice fat 70mm earth strap from chassis to battery negative, but if you want, you can earth back to battery directly, as you have drawn. Either negative battery battery terminal will do, but note they are probably getting a bit full now :)

Not sure why you have the alternator in there, except to maybe confirm you don't isolate it from the battery?

So your diagram is sort of right, bit of confusion over body and chassis, and alternator, but pretty close :)

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Seeing as though this is in the competing forum, most organisers require a kill switch that shuts the electrics down and engine. In the above drawing your alt will keep 12v supplied and thus keep vehicle running.


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