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Freelander in limbo mode


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Hi Everyone

I need some help desprately please.

I have landrover freelander v6 2002 petrol. on a hot day after driving over an hour or more it just goes into limbo mode so it will not pickup any rev if i press the accelator. i can stop and start it and it starts fine but will not take any accelaration. the temp guage will show normal and doesnt seems to show any sign of heatup.

so i have to stop the engine and wait for 15-20 min and then i start it and it picks up revs normal and i can drive for another few km before it goes to this limboi mode again. i have to then stop for 15-20 min again.

the reason i think its related to heat is that it does only when its a very hot day, and also that when i drive it first it can drive upto more than hour fine.

i also noticed that when its in limbo mode the big fan is not running and as i said it might be because its temp is normal. engine seems to be normal and always start. one day i went more than hour drive from home and it started this issue. so i got home by just stopping after few km and then wait for 15-20 min. i had to do it so many times to get home.

I hope someone here is an expert to give me some advice as what could be the cause and how to fix it. just to let you know that im in perth aus and there are not many mechanics who understand freelanders. i have few different issues in the past and i had to spend thousands of dollars and month to spend before someone find out the issue and the issue would always turned out to be a simple fix.

and for this problem i have already been to few mechanics and like the past experiences they are not able to find so far the issue.

i am wondering or feeling that it might be a some sensor or something.

Guys helkp is really appritiated.


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