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Half size luggage divider for Discovery Sport takes up too much space


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I recently bought the half size luggage divider for my 2015 Discovery Sport.

When I was preparing to install it I realised it doesn't go all the way up against the back seats or even the ceiling.

The top part is angled towards the backend of the car, away from the backseat which 'steal' a lot of the space.

Basically it seems there is a good 10-15cm gap between the divider and the backseat, adding the angled nature of the divider to the equation and the whole thing ends up taking away ~1/9 of the combined space in the back.

I am wondering if anyone else had this experience? I didn't continue installation after I had the divider in the position and realised how much space it would take up - did I miss something and it actually turns out to be just fine? I didn't want to continue as the installation requires you to take apart much of the interior in the back.

My reason for installing the divider is 4 hunting dogs. In that scenario a ~1/9 cut in space results in them not being able to

fit comfortably.

Does anyone have experience with other manufacturers of dividers, or some of the other dividers from Land Rover?


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I am not familiar with the Discovery Sport but most of the dog guards, if they slope, go the other way i.e. they slope up the back of the seat and then vertical to the roof once they are clear of the seat (the top section of the red line in your diagram). Might be a silly question but is it fitted/assembled the right way round?

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