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Total LR newbie, what do I have exactly...

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Hey All! Just purchased my first Land Rover. Wanted one since I was a kid. Had several Corgi versions, now I've got a full scale one. I have a 1989 110 from Serbia SFOR. LHD, 3.5 V8 ex MOD. Even with the axel number and MOD id number I can't seem to sort basic info such as what gear rations I have or if the rear diff is open or a locker. Axel number 21882093 then a symbol a small 'vee' mirrored over itself. I've decoded the VIN but that gives fairly basic info such as the trans is a LT77. I have spent hours at Google in vain looking for detailed specifications. Anyone have a document or link they might share?

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Worth taking a look at the EMLRA website, you may pick up a few hints from there.

I've not come across one with locking rear diff before, parts tend to be run of the mill aside from role specific add ons.

LT77 gearboxes on mod diesels have a lower first and second ratio, can't recall if v8s are the same. The engine may still have restrictor plates in the carbs, which can be removed to give more power.

Not sure if it's still on offer, but there was a chap organising getting the MoD service/unit history via EMLRA for a fee.

Next best info is via the MoD release document that comes with the vehicle on release - will give mod reg no, service and unit it was released from.

Most ex mod defenders have a pretty bland life though and circulate through various units as the army re-organises - unless it's modified for special roles like reconaisance/wading/air transport or something, it's probably been used to fetch chips, ferry folk about on exercise and a stint through the TA :)

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Main box ratios are much of a muchness apart from the aforementioned lower 1st on some models. Transfer box ratio (in high range) is more relevant, will likely be 1.410:1 if it's original. 99.99% certain you won't have a locker or anything like that, they were special fitment / aftermarket only.

Oh yes - post photos!

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looks like a bog standard V8 110 general service motor to me, some of the rapier misle units had these to make a troop with 2 127 rapier tractors, they carried/towed the missle system & the 110 GS towed/carried all the crews personnel kit. doubt it has a rear locking diff, but possible if a previous owner fitted one, it wasn't a LR factory option.

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