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Starting problems yet again

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Hi guys

Land rover has been fine for months driving in the city today after 3-4 stops got in turned the key and nothing all dash lights on just not turning over. Rapid turn the key 20-30 times and she started ok on the button and started fine since ....now I did have loads problems a while back like this but since fitting a new battery it was all ok until now....???????????

Below some my old postings from previous staring problems

OK my 1990 110 fitted with 200tdi ......After leaving my landy for a while I went to turn the key and NOTHING at first I thought it was the alarm system so re wired all that back in. Made no difference

The next day went out and rapid turn the key in frustration and after about 40 turns it fired in to life next day same thing turn the key and nothing ...rapid turn the key over and over many times and then starts but sluggish...

The more I have driven it the better this problem has got with it only doing it every now and then but still sluggish to start on the first start of the day and if it has done it a few turns of the key will start it rather than 30-40 turns....OK TIME TO SORT IT

I cleaned all my earth straps and battery terminals and then turn the key and BANG fires in to life instant no sluggish start at all....yes mended he thinks....he thinks wrong

I drive it for a whole day must have started it 40 plus times and all is ok good starting ...next few days all ok and instant start on the days first turn over.... then all of a sudden in the middle of the day after driving it turn the key and nothing again turn it off and back on and it starts .......10 mins later turn the key and nothing hold the key on and suddenly wer wer wer very very slow and then fires up .

Its been fine for a whole week after that but went for a new starter anyway .......New starter fitted and connect the earth lead and fire it up and the starter keeps spinning wont disengage ????? New starter is faulty ??? and any ideas PLEASE

New top RAC battery last year

2 years ago new ignition barrel


The old starter was put back on temporary and it all works fine so I can only assume it was the new Bearmach starter (£88.95) that was faulty.......(That's being picked up tomorrow for a refund)

I went to Fakenham Auto electrical for another replacement one and they had sold there last WAI one between me phoning and me getting there ARRRRRRRRRR

So for the same as the WAI one £95 They supplied me with a remanufactured Bosch one with the Landy badge stamped into it so presume its a remanufactured genuine one..... (ERR5009) Not sure if thats a good or bad price for one of those

So will see what happens tomorrow when its on.......


Ok all connected up and turn the key and the land rover starts turn the key off and the solenoid still spins the only way to stop it spinning is to disconnect the earth battery terminal ...then put the earth back on and the land rover tries to start the cog clicks in place even with or with out the trigger wire connected or turning the key

Ok its gone to my mates and had an auto electrician out and ......with the new starter on with the battery (which is just holding 11 amps) and a booster box on it starts fine and the starter disengages ........But with just the battery fitted to the landy try to start it and the starter keeps spinning ...The auto electricians explanation was that the volts and amps and that if low amps its allowing the starter to arc across and keep spinning ......Does this sound right ????

Solved was TWO brand new faulty starters in a row and original problem was a doggy trigger wire

No it was not then fitted a new battery and all was ok Untill now


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I think the first question I'd try to answer is whether it's the Ignition side (meaning from the key to the solenoid on the starter - thin wires!) or if it's the high current feed into the starter motor or from that starter to earth. If you are able to, check if you have volts at the starter solenoid when the key is turned to "crank" position. test with a voltmeter or listen - If you have volts I think the solenoid will at least 'click' but I might be wrong on that bit...

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I'm not even getting a click all the lights illuminate but turn the key and nothing at all. The trouble is its been five month since its done it last time......OK I don't drive her much so In that five month may of only driven it 10 times and poss 30-40 starts ...and Knowing my luck it will prob work fine then next time choose to do it in rural Wales or Scotland miles from anywhere.

OK HOW ABOUT THIS THEN I disconnect the trigger wire spade end from the starter motor

Fix a new female spade end on to the starter with TWO wires out of it .........one joining back on to the trigger wire with a male spade end ..........The other wire going back to the battery box under the seat ........the end of that wire cover/protected.

Then next time it happens and I turn the key and its completely dead if I leave the ignition ON and then take the wire that goes in to the battery box and touch that on the positive terminal and she starts .....I'm assuming that would tend to rule out the starter motor and indicate its the ignition switch ??????????????

Thinking this is poss the easiest way to test it when it happens next rather than pulling the steering cowl apart or crawling under the landy when in the middle of know where and with out carrying lots of tools to test it for months on end.

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Yes that would be ok - a good back-up method. Just make sure that the end floating around near the battery is well insulated as you say so that it can't touch either the battery or any metal (as it will be "live" during cranking when the IGN switch is working).

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yes it can be swapped without removing the complete steering lock assembly, getting access via instrument panel location is difficult , cover the bottom with cloth or paper to catch the small screw if you drop it, make a detailed diagram of what colour wire goes on which terminal too aid reconnection.

start relay is behind fusebox metal panel, it has plain brown & white/red trace wires to the relay socket. my 110 is a Oct '89 vehicle, so your wiring should be the same.

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