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Disco 1 srs light not coming on


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From distant memory there are 2 bulbs. Did they ever light up,or is it a recent car to you ? If the bulbs have been removed on replacing them you will probably need to get the ecu reset to get the bulbs to go out.It was a long time ago that I last put one of these on Testbook,but I seem to remember they would go into fault for low battery voltage during startup on a cold morning,then need clearing on Testbook...

Other common faults were damaged rotary couplers below the steering wheel and general bad connections.I think there was a loom resistor fault that used to come up too. I also remember that LR never released wiring diagrams for the early SRS systems as they were not supposed to be repaired,only components replaced.The connector for Testbook was a natural colour 4 pin plug hanging around near the steering column under the dash.

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There are 2 for SRS and one for seatbelt, the one for seatbelt is managed by the MFU and pretensioner's switch and the SRS ones by the instrument pack's internal circuit through a dedicated module and the airbag ECU, disconnecting the ECU will bring them on if the controll module is good cos that's how is conceived to work in the eventuality of SRS ECU failure of blown fuse or circuit interruption or something, the warning lamp controll module from the instrument pack is managing the bulb self test and if the system self test made by the ECU is passed it sends voltage on the earth path to the module to extinguish the warnings...the fact that they dont come on at all can be only bulb failure/missing/blanked or controll module failure(which means the whole instrument pack must be replaced unless you are some electronist genius to fix the module which is built in the PCB).

see from page 128 here https://www.dropbox.com/s/1yd8eslck8440wg/Discovery%201%20MY95%20-%20Electrical%20Troubleshooting%20Manual%20%28LJBEMENR95%202nd%20Edition%29.pdf?dl=0

or from 100 here https://www.dropbox.com/s/ejqzp07ihjuqi17/Discovery%201%20MY97%20-%20Electrical%20Troubleshooting%20Manual%20%28LRL0077ENG%204th%20Edition%29.pdf?dl=0 depending on modell but the schemes are very alike, scroll upwards from the diagram and you'll see the description too

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