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Alarm/CL plipper - very poor range

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This has always bothered me but I've never got around to actually look at it.

The alarm fob (plipper) has very poor range. It's the standard one for the AS10 unit. If I hold it against my head I get a bit better reach but still not very much.

I only have one plipper so I don't know if the problem is at the plipper end or at the car end. Is there an areal or something in the car?

Anyone else had this problem? What resolved it for you?

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I've got two fobs, the originals as far as I know (and they're so warn down / polished that I'm sure I'm correct :rofl: ). Both have a short range even with new batteries. I usually have to be right next to the Landy before they register. It can be ever so slightly annoying...

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A second remote is obviously a good idea. I just don't have one.

I have the EKA code though! :D

Mine are like that, I have to be right next to the car before it will register.

If there is a lead just hanging out I might see if I can locate it and extend it. Maybe up the A pillar would make the most sense.

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Yes there is a short cable behind the dash and mine was folded up, when I pulled it out to full length the range increased to two vehicles away. I had thought of extending further but remember reading somewhere that if someone nicks your keys whist out shopping they only have to go in the carpark and press the buttons to see which vehicle lights up, whereas if it is shorter they have to be quite close before it responds.

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I have mine set to quite a short range, just by the car is fine for me.

I found a set of keys in ASDA car park once. I wandered round blipping for a few minutes till I found the car and then asked customer service to announce the reg number.

Driver turned up a few minutes later, never said thanks nor kiss my *** - just took them and walked off.

Nice society we live in ..

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