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I have a 1974 Series III 109 with original 2286cc desel engine with 4 spped gear box and fairly overdirve. (reasonable but hope to overhaul)

It drives quite well but a bit underpowered. heres what I want to do.

1) Install ex Discovery 1 200TDI engine adding / 110BHP with intercooler and oil cooler / upgraded exhaust manifold etc.

2) Upgrade front brakes to Disc (Standard adapter kit from Heystee) leaving rear drum brakes the same. (I know I will have to go to Dual system with new MC and I believe I have to add new pedal box and servo.

3) Fit power steering (More than likely P38 canabalised box ETC using 200 TDI Engine power steering pump

4) Also fitting Parabolic kit set and shocks

This will mainly be operated on road with not MAJOR off road stuff

Now the Question:

1) Do I need to upgrade differentials and shafts?

Suggested is to install pre 1992 RR/Discovery differentials.(to increase on road speed..which is good for me ).I believe these are direct bolt on's apparently and I will get off donor Discovery?

is this correct?

I know this will apparently loose 30% low gear box torque but that seems good to me if it goes a little faster on the road. Am I correct with this?

2) Can I leave my existing Series III gear box with overdrive (I want to overhaul these and any suggestions on kit for this and from who??)

The alternative is to put an LT77 / S into it and that requires a bunch of work as I understand it though it comes with engine?? iS THIS THE BEST WAY TO GO??.. please advise?)

3) Are the drive shafts etc ok...transfer case? to leave as is? Remember I will be upgrading front shaft to to disc brakes

4) Best kit to mate a 200 TDI ex Discovery 1 with original Series III gear box (90265225A) is bought from WHO?

Guys appreciate your response...I do build old stuff but this is my first landrover of this vintage..


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I've come to be something of a dab hand at 200TDi conversion into Series now, I can point in the right direction.

To start, the Glencoyne website is a start, but I don't think very much of some of his methods. His approach to securing the bottom of the flywheel housing for one is plain stupid.

You're fitting the disco version of the 200TDi, that's a good thing. You can drop it straight onto the unmodified Series chassis mounts. You will have problems with the turbo though - but that's a good thing! Didtch the 200 Turbo, and get yourself a 300 turbo and manifold. The positioning of everything on the 300 is much more helpful, and the oil connections are far superior to the 200. With the 300 turbo, the exhaust points straight out the bottom and is a doddle to connect up. The air inlet side is on the back and an intake hose drops nicely down the side of the footwell to get to it, and it doesn't fight with anything else. The high pressure air outlet then has loads of room to run forward to the intercooler, then back to the inlet manfiold.

The P38 power steering box is a much better conversion than the defender box conversion I've got. Minimal modifcations to the chassis are required, and www.nickslandrover.co.uk shows very nicely how he did a great job of it.

For diffs, you have an issue. for a 1974 Series 3 the rear axle should be a Salisbury, and that means you can't just swap diffs. It is possible to swap the internals from a Series to a coiler internals, but it takes a few minutes to do, not like a rover axle. The front axle will be a rover diff and that is a straight swap. You need 10-spline coiler diffs from either rangy, disco or defender. As you are going over to Heystee disc brakes you'll have the front axle apart anyway. I haven't yet changed my front diff, avoiding pulling it apart for no real reason. I too will go over to Heystee disc brakes as soon as I start getting brake issues with her, I'm not farting around with drum brakes any more.

For transmission, you really want a defender LT77 rather than a disco, the longer bellhousing on the disco gearbox makes it very awkward. I've got the defender LT and a 1.4 LT230 in mine, and I've thrown away the defender linkage and made it work off the Series red and yellow knobs.

You can keep the Series 4-speed and an overdrive, my 88 is still running this now, with the 3.54 coiler diffs too. It's been very good for about 8 years now, haven't killed anything, and she's been off-roading, greenlaning, and must have done over 15k road miles with ease, including towing in that.

Here's a link to my photobucket album which details most of what you want to do http://s1143.photobucket.com/user/109_photos1/library/

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