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Nice one all! been meaning to join up for ages as i often chuckle at the responses on here when looking for help. Remarks about rusty footwells spring to mind......large grapefruit sized hole appeared.. solution..stick a grapefruit in it. Or my favourite. Leave the hole there to help the water escape! Which funny enough are the 2 current issues i am looking to resolve. Water leaks in the cab and rusty foot wells.

Ill post a specific topic on my issues to keep some kind of context...

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BTW my landy no longer looks like the x MOD in the pic above. Like most nooby LR buyers, i went for an ex MOD and had "upgrades" done as part of a rather expensive package! I got caught up in the moment and have a tendency to chuck money away on my hobbies....

I had it turned into this beast!


This was however nearly 3 years ago and the paint work does not look as good anymore! everywhere there is a rivet there is now a while circle where the paint has gone, at least that is on the roof area.

Needless to say the time has come for me to get my hands dirty and keep this baby alive for many years to come, hence me joining here! :o

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