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Inhibit spare engine

Dave M

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I would go for a nice thin oil and pour in every possible hole until its totally full, food bags and zip ties to seal open holes as you go perhaps. Fill until coming out of rocker cover at top. maybe turn over by hand weekly to keep all moving,

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Pour some regular oil down the spark plug/heater holes, not too much. Turn it over by hand to distribute it, basically enough to sit on the top ring and stop it rusting to the bore, and enough to coat the inside of the bores. Store it somewhere dry.

TBH, you dont need to get carried away, Ive picked up lots of engines that have been stored for years and fitted them to some vehicle or other, no issues due to them being laid up. Fairly sure none of them had any TLC before being laid up.

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Gear oil is great for this, sticks nicely, about 20 squirts in each bore and turn over by hand a few times.

My a series engine was stored like this for nearly 20 years and after opening up the bores are just about perfect.

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Best results when performed on a running engine.

When winterizing marine engines standard procedure was to

Remove old oil and filters - old oil will be contaminated, can be acid and contaminants can settle out as a varnish/goop. Put in enough fresh to be able to turn the engine over and coat internal surfaces,

Reverse flush out all cooling galleries to remove sludge before it settles and hardens.

Fogging oil sprayed down the cylinders (and into carbs etc if appropriate to engine type) turn over engine to distribute then spray again. Heavier oil in cylinders if very long term.

Penetrating oil, then grease on all exposed threads

Oily rag and then tape inlets and outlets

Brush/spray the outer with oil/grease.

Do not seal the engine in a plastic sack or similar - that traps water and encourages corrosion.

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