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Td5 speedo transducer

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I've just fitted a RR LT230 to my Td5 and the transducer won't fit the drive - the plastic drive is a little too big.

Reading around everyone seems to say they just plug in - though I've found one thread with someone saying the same happened to them. No resolution listed for it though.

Any suggestions? Do I file down the plastic drive (carefully) or can I pop the drive out and replace it?

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Two options . I just filed down the transducer spigot evenly on each face to keep centralised , its working fine for several years. The other option would be get the td5 version of the drive gear , they just slide fit , there is an O ring on the sleeve .

ps the drive ratio might need changing depending on the tyre size any way

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I can't be accused of rushing things ...

But I've finally got back to this - swapped it with the one from my old LT230. Getting it to spin, as Neil said, was definitely the key to getting them out. Pulling the hand brake off, as Mo suggested, was also definitely the way to go.

Thanks Chaps.


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