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Bluetooth adapters


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Yes, I wrote a whole lot then lost it. Im using the blue one here


Its no where near £75 (that must plug into the DB9 socket?), more like $20 NZD (around £7) for two of them and the red programmer (you dont really need this but it is easier). I replaced the header pins on it so it sticks up out of the end on the ECU above the LEDs. The first one I had died but it may have been something to do with my installation, first I used the wires that came with it and they do not like vibration and second I still had the MAX323 IC on the board and supposedly these are not supposed to be run in parallel with them but connect directly to the Tx Rx of the CPU. As for lag, I have never noticed any. the only issue I have is the ignition on the RRC having to be turned off after cranking to crank again, this causes the ECU to reset and requires the Bluetooth device to re-connect.

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Post #32 here is how I did mine the first time, it is pretty much the same now except I used the red programmer instead of the MS board to program the module, I now have proper wire connecting the board to the module and have removed the MAX323 IC from the board (it was in a socket so no big issue)


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Be aware that with BT you may get a significantly worse read rate compared to RS232/USB wired connection. When I was doing development work on MSLogger & MSDroid I would get about 50% of the data rate over BT. There are more variables in the connection and more things to add delay. You may get lucky and have an excellent adapter with an excellent BT stack, but if you want the highest possible resolution in logging, stick with a wired connection.



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This is the one I use with MS1 and MSDroid http://www.ebay.com/itm/RS232-Bluetooth-Serial-Adapter-Communication-Master-Slave-2-Modes-MINI-USB-DF-/331729183618

You can't just plug it in. The RS232 is the wrong sex and the pinouts are weird. I had to make a custom cable but it works great. I like Cheesy's method.

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