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Clutch is a drag

Range Rover Blues

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About 10 days ago, the TDi started playing up. I'd notice more noise than usual when the clutch was pressed but as I'm using the Micra for work I put it down to getting used to that thing.

The clutch seemed to stick just above the carpet so I played with it for a while but then after about half a mile the clutch started to drag when changing.

Well since then I've tried a few things. The clutch damper first, now the master and slave are new.

What's annoying is that it all seems fine on the drive, but once I get cleaned up and go for a drive it starts again. HUMBUG!

To add insult the clutch now feels heavier than before, I can't see anything wrong with the mechanicals but I'n not sure the master was 100%.

Now, other than having fitted a duff master cylinder what else could it be? I haven't done anything inside the bellhousing and despite having promised the car a new clutch 3 years ago it's still soldiering on.

Any ideas guys?

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Twice I've had clutches that did something similar and, in both cases, the friction plate fell to bits after a few months.

Before pulling it all apart, check the flexi hose - my last clutch issue was caused by that breaking up inside. A much cheaper thing to fix than replacing a plate!

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Thanks, the hose is the only hydraulic part I've not replaced because I'm not loosing any fluid. It never occurred that it could be the cause.

BTW, should fluid drip out of the master cylinder when it's disconnected? neither of the ones I've got did which seems odd. If it wasn't raining sideways again I'd be checking the pedal is returning properly now, bit of a long shot though.

Thanks Deep.

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Well both cylinders did it so I'll assume they should. I'm not having much joy replacing the flexi hose over the holidays but I'll try it next week.

I've noticed that when I first get in it behaves fine, then after 5 minutes of running, even idling on the drive, it starts to drag. Also I have more success if I don't push the clutch all the way down.

Anyway, I'm pretty resigned to it being a new clutch, I wouldn't mind if it wasn't this time of year. Hey ho.

Thanks for the advice.

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