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Are you sure? The adaptor looks as though it fits inline with the cd connector, allowing use of both? The listing says it's not compatible with a head unit with the changer built in (i.e. a stack changer where you keep feeding them into the dash). Maybe send them a message to be sure? Otherwise, i have a feeling you'll be stuck with having to use one of those cassette adaptor things but the quality of them isnt great.

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For many years I used a little FM radio transmitter to do this. It plugs into the headphone skt of the device you want to hear and then it transmits an FM radio signal of this back out on one of a few different FM frequencies.

You tune your in-built FM radio to this same frequency and there you are! When you get co-channel interference from a normal radio station then you select one of the other presets. Mine used a rechargeable AAA I think. Worked really well.

In fact I just had a look and they have developed since then. See this example

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Weirdly enough I spent a few insomnia filled hours looking into exactly this. There are some neat solutions, some costing more than others....







I found a page where someone had opened up the head unit, and soldered conectors to the board where the AM radio pins are. Then selecting the AM function gave him mp3 connectivity. Can't find the page now, but I'll keep Googling.

It seems the Aussie forums have the most people hacking their stock radios for more modern sounds

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One problem you might find with adding an Aux In is that the level out of the headphone jack is limited (In Europe it's limited to protect your hearing apparently). The Aux in expects about 50% more amplitude than the iPod (phone etc) will supply so you have to crank up the volume in the car. That's fine, unless your SatNav comes out the same speakers - then it deafens you!

My solution is to use a headphone amplifier http://www.amazon.co.uk/NX1-Portable-Amplifier-Headphone-Rechargeable-Black/dp/B00ULJEA1K

which makes a big difference.


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