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Fitting a window guide button 98 300tdi

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Drivers window doesn't shut properly while driving,the little wedge shaped button has broken off leaving just the metal tang just visible.I've bought what I think is the right part and after googling assume it clips behind a channel and looks like I'd have to dismantle all the guts out of the door just to fit this little clip!...any easy ways to do it...cheers.

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Yes the channel has to be removed, it is held in place by some small screws, if you start at the front you will only need to take out about three screws on the window part but you will need to take the door panel off to get to the others - think another 2.

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Just rebuilt my doors recently and I was lucky and got my screws out easily, I replaced both guides with new as one had broken. I got them off ebay around £10 - £11 each genuine part only unfortunately, so not cheap.

As per earlier post easiest way is take top channel out then sloping front channel just remove visible screws (don't try dis-assemble door card etc B*** ache trying to refit everything) the channel will pull out easy enough from the top and let you get a new guide in.

On Ebay try typing "defender door guide" or part number "CUC100140" that will give a listing of the part your after.

Good luck getting the channel screws out :unsure:


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