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td5 discovery looses power under load and misfires


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hi all , so i was driving my 2001 discovery td5 and when i went to accelerate over 2100rpm i had a judder occur, continual. it happened for a while then a couple of miles before home it ran fine. then happened again the next day,

iv released the waste gate which was sticking,

iv changed wiring harness on injectors, and cleaned the red plug,

all is still happening, under heavy load its still doing the same thing , especially up hill. sometimes its a bit weird on start up as well on a morning now.

also yesterday it happened up hill then as soon as i was on the flat and stationary it sounded like the engine was blowing a lot!!

any ideas?

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What does a fault-code reading show?

What mileage has it done?

Have the injector-seals been changed? "Odd" running and lollopy staring/reluctance-to-start are possible signs of leaky injector seals. Doing much driving with the seals failing can destroy the in-tank fuel-pump (£$£$£ to replace!) so worth investigating before too long.

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The injector-seals went on my 2001 Defender TD5 at around 90,000 miles. Given the mileage you've done and apparently not replaced the seals I'd be doing them as a matter of course. Seals (and labour for replacing them) are cheap; TD5 fuel-pumps (and labour for dropping the fuel-tank to replace them) are not cheap!

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The wastegate would have to be way over adjusted to be cutting boost at 2100rpm. Unless you've left the lock nut on the arm loose it couldn't have happened.

You should do the inj. seals as a matter of course now, they're known to produce difficult starting and if left too long can cause the sump to fill with diesel, and I've heard in extreme cases the engine can hydraulic lock. That'll bend a rod. The Disco has an inspection plate for the fuel pump under the load bay carpet so no need to drop the tank. Unscrew the plate and pull the pump. Worn injector seals allow combustion gas to enter the fuel rail, which deposits a black soot film on the body of the fuel pump. that can clog the pump if left. The other more easily spotted symptom is a gurgle and whine from the pump when the ignition is turned on. That's air that's been allowed in the system by the knackered seals, being purged.

Inj. seals not a difficult job, just use a 6mm allen key under the bridge of each injector to lever it up, and use genuine seals.

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