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Bullbar with PIAA lights (defender bumper size?) and heater update ;)


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So I finally got around to sorting out my blower and it works very well. 2 speed (the fastest setting sounds like it's gonna lift off the ground - that's before I start driving ;) and it takes about 10 miles for any hot whatsoever to start blowing anything close in resembles to heat, but that's not what I wanted to ask.

I'd like some more light and found someone selling a bullbar with 2 PIAA lights on that is very nice, so I'm wondering if anyone knows the standard bumper size on a defender vs. a series III, the seller won't tell me the measurements. It's a basic bolt on thing but if its smaller than my series bumber I don't wanna put in the work.(bigger is not a problem I can just pad it out)

Sorry for a drawn out thing but all input is appreciated.



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The vertical chassis rails bolts (pair on either side) will fit both Defender and Series III.

Some bumpers have a 3rd. horizontal bolt mount and that means either some extra drilling or welding, depending on type.

What differs is the length of the part of the bumper outide the bolt - a defender is wider so the bumper is about and inch on either side wider than the Series. Possible not doesn't look right at times. Hope this makes sense.

Have pics somewhere of Defender bumper on Series if you want.

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The "standard" bumper fits ok - the Defender one is just a bit too wide for the Series.


This is a "Bush Bar" that was made for a Defender and was fitted to the Hybrid for a while. As you can see, it is slightly too wide. Below the Superwinch Husky Bumper. This one is more clear width wise.


Some bumper will need modification as the bumper sits "too close" to the chassis but nothing a grinder can't solve. Let me know if you need more info / pics.

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The position for the fixing bolts is different - on the Series vehicles, the bumper bolts are behind the front edge of the wings, on the Defender they're further forwards. A Defender bar will fit the Series bumper, you'll just have to drill the holes for the top bolts as well as those for the front bolts.

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