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115mm/double core Intercoolers

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My intercooler is on its last legs, if you poke it too hard it crumbles in all the wrong places, as my turbo is in need of attention due to passing too much oil I thought it would be a good time to replace the intercooler.....I'd love to go VNT and Allisport gigantic intercooler but can't justify the price unfortunately!

A quick check on eBay throws up a 115mm thick Chinese intercooler upgrade for not much money, I'm not expecting amazing quality but for £80 it seems worth a punt. It does look like it would be interesting to fit due to its width though. I see allisport do one for over 5 times the price that is a similar design, I imagine its what the Chinese based theirs on.

Has anyone had a go with either one of these and was it much of a pain to fit?

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