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Demister in challenge/comp truck ?

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As per title - what are you doing regarding demister in racetrucks ?

Is it of no need when the car is open, like no glas in doors and behind the seats ?

Do you choose another solution, have just seen a vid. on youtube where a wiper for cleaning windows in houses were used by hand ?

Let me know what you have experienced.

Thanks and happy holidays


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Hi Morten, after racing the Ole Unlimited in Finderup in Casper Dahls 100" I can confirm that a demister is definitely a necessity! The weather was quite warm and humid as it changed between sunshine and rain, so every time we had been through a waterhole, and when we entered the forrest section it would mist up like a mother! So another one of my tasks as a co-driver was to keep wiping the inside of the windows with a rag! :D Though I couldn't reach the Drivers side completely wearing the harness, so most of the time he drove around half-blind :o

What the easiest solution is I cannot tell you, but I honestly believe that the best solution is a proper heater and blower, you really need both warm air and a lot of it to proper dry out the windshield in high humidity environments. So my bet would simply be to keep the factory setup :)

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Alot of the guys here use the windscreen cleaner scraper things (me included), heaters don't clear mud lol and so long as there is a bit of moisture in the mud or condensation on the windscreen it will wipe it clean.... way better than a rag!

Catch is you will want some thing sorted so it can be clipped in/to when not in your hand as the half meter handle will tangle the navi when they are in and out sorting winch sections


Like that but with a half meter handle so the navi can clean drivers side while belted and when you have to stop to clean the outside, they can reach the whole windscreen from one side

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Electric fires are 240 volt which is 20 times more than the car so a short length of resistance wire from one works at 12 volt. Put it in front of a fan and it's an instant demister. Good for cutting polystyrene as well :)

Basically that's what I remember I did. I believe you can still buy them but not sure where.

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How about a second set of wipers, on the inside?

On my Series 2 (long time ago), I modified the motors (which have a spindle sticking out the back to operate the wipers manually) to take wiper blades on the inside - and the same on the back door. It worked really well!

When I bought a Defender, I was almost sorry it had a plastic dash which prevented my doing the same!

The only thing that has come close is an electrically heated screen. You can just leave it switched on and it will demist when necessary. My current one is connected via one of the same VSS relays used on Defender rear heaters.

Granted it's not so effective against mud - but it does dry it out pretty quick so you can brush it off.


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