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P38 4.6 High Idle / Tickover


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Hi All, Had a few hesitation issues with our 4.6 P38, so I swapped the Throttle position sensor off a spare 4.6 we have. As soon as the car was started the revs increased up to around 2000 rpm. We swapped the TPS back again and the car still does it ! We have since swapped back again and it still idles very high.

I was very careful when doing this.

I have searched a lot of the Forums, but they all seem to suggest it needs to go in to a Main dealer, but I am really trying to avoid the cost of this, as the car is not worth a lot !

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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The engine ecu needs to see a voltage equal to or less than its stored closed throttle voltage. Unless it sees this it will keep the idle actuator jacked open ready to accept loads placed on the engine to avoid stalling.

A quick session on Testbook will reset it to allow idle control.From memory the values need to be between .48v and .72v for proper operation.

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