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Running/fuelling issues

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Im having a problem with my 200tdi defender. All was going fine until yesterday. Its started and was running fine. Took it out the road and it coughed but wasnt sure if it was my imagination. Got further down the road and it started to die,lost all power and cut out. Its starts straight away but idles poorly and if you use throttle at all runs worse and dies. It has just had a new fuel tank and sender with full tank of fuel. I replaced the lift pump a few weeks back with a britpart one but failed twice so i put old one back on. It has a slight leak on underside of diaphram where the run off hole is. The lever on the inside/cam side of lifter is caked in oil which i assume is fine? There is fuel getting to injecteds,lift pump lifts,and fuel getting to injector pump. Any ideas.

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Ok,tried it with fuel cap off and still the same,blee through lines and all seems free! I have a new lift pump,put that on and still running the same,definately fuel getting to injectors and from pump also. Thanks very much for replies! Great forum this. Thing is someone is meant to be comming to buy it tomorrow and there is no way im letting it go until problem is fully fixed! Would hate to buy anythi g from someone and it not be 100% unless stated otherwise.

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