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Can I fit 235/85 16 on my 200 tdi


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I have 235/85/16 on my 2.5 NA. and the poor thing struggles to pull any gear - way too high geared, don't know if the diff ratios are different on a TDI but unless you have plenty of power and do lots of road work then I would not recommend it.

Mine don't hit any of the bodywork but they do limit the steering lock.

I am looking at tyre sizes/makes/types just now and will probably go to 235/70/16 or maybe even 205. depending on what I can get/afford.

Check out one of the tyre size calculators online.


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Yes you can, I run them without a suspension lift or taller bump stops, yust fit on Disco steels or factory alloys to avoid putting them too far out into the arches or they catch badly.

I camel cut the rear to allow them to tuck up into the rear arches without ruining the body panel further.

If you want to fit them properly do as Mike suggests and get a +2" lift ;) I didn't at the time but probably will now the planned air suspension is being shelved indefinately :(

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