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T max winch EWI 12000


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Hello to all.

My winch has stopped working so thinking it was the solenoid I put a new one on but its still not working.

The motor will run forward and back when wired direct to a battery. I can get the solenoid to click both forward and back on the hand controller but not remotely.

Can I do away with the remote radio receptor or is there some wires/circuits in it I need?

Some of the wires in it are very delicate with one solder joint now broken of the circuit board.

Any thoughts anyone.

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1st pic white wire on left ? but goes to socket for wonder lead.

black,red,yellow, blue broken off. These go to white socket.

red, yellow, blue go to socket and yellow, blue come out as two terminals with one ring terminal on each red does not come out.

2nd pic as above.

3rd pic white socket coming of solenoid to plug into remote radio receptor.

2 other wires white, brown go to side terminals of solenoid.1 other red wire goes to top terminal on solenoid then to socket for wonder lead.

I want to delete the radio receptor as I think it could be faulty?




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Hopefully this should show you can delete the wireless part no problem.


Switches are simple three wires, supply into the switch (battery 12v+) one output goes to terminal 1 the other to 3 just reverse these if the switch works the wrong way round.


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Red is live

Black is earth

Yellow and blue are the switched lives

Go on The Bay, buy a solenoid - any of the high amp tolerance ones should do. I like the Thompson ones. But most Albright copies are okay

You'll see on the top of the solenoid there are four posts the two that run parallel to the three spade connectors are the permanent live feed, the other two are the switched live feeds. the post directly above the spade terminals is the feed from the battery and where you attach the small red wire as well. the yellow and blue wires go to the outer two spade terminals, the middle one is the black wire and is an earth - it also needs connecting to the earth terminal under the motor (along with the big earth form the battery)

Google connecting solenoids on a winch - it's all there I expect.

Dump the remote

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Forgot to say, yellow is sometimes white

To run a switch grab some household spec 13 amp 3 core, find a momentary on/off/on switch then wire the a red feed to the middle spade on the switch and the yellow/blue individually to the others...

I would suggest you also fit a wonder-lead socket as its a total PITA to spool on a winch cable if you only have an dash control unless you have friends

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