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Discovery 3 4.4 v8 cylinder numbers


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Hi all,

Does anybody know the cylinder number arrangement on these 4.4 AJv8 engines (NOT BMW)?

I thought they were numbered from front to rear on the left (as facing the front of the car) 1 to 4, with 1 nearest you (the front), and 5 to 8 on the right hand side. However after doing a compression test (suspected misfire) this does not correlate. I have a fault code for misfire on cylinder 7, but the pressures on that cylinder seem fine. The pressure on what I would call cylinder 4 (i.e. on left bank, nearest the bulk head (furthest from the front)) is much lower.

Using the more conventional numbering system, i.e. 1, 3, 5 & 7 on the left, starting from the front as viewed from the front of the car, would seem to work!! Help!



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I don't know for sure but evens one side and odds the other would be more normal - what made you think it was numbered the way you described?

The below information from the workshop manual, and after asking on the disco3.co.uk forum, the link to the information too..




First two images from the workshop manual seem conclusive, then the info in the link just muddies the water!!

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