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Ex mod light problems

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I've been trying to get the lights working on my 1985 ex mod 110, I've removed the 6 way switch,fitted a civilian switch, connected the 2 brown wires and the 2 stop lamp wires, everything works apart from the rear tail lights, the bulbs are ok, the fuses are fine, there's power a the fuses, all the other lights work, would any body have any ideas? I've spent 3 days on and off trying to find the problem!

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The OLD thick brown and the brown white (this is main flash plus loads of other feeds to a multitude of circuits) need connecting together and then that needs extending connecting through to your NEW brown column switch.

The OLD two reds need connecting together (rear lights + side lights) and then running to the NEW red on the column switch.

The OLD blue (headlights) needs extending to the NEW blue on the column switch.


you'll be ditching the Red Black convoy I presume. Tape it up.

The new switch is a PRC3430......I cut off the connector and used bullets.

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..or you can just plug new switch into the existing multiplug behind steering column shroud and have working lights : )

Military 6 way loom extension can then be just unplugged.

No such luck on mine. The plug isn't there. I wish it was !

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It should be in there somewhere,they used standard looms- probably tucked away in the nest of wires behind the dash - but who knows with landies as stuff gets tinkered with over years..

Even my deep wading 110 with the special marinised screw together loom has the civvy plug as well as 6 way though.

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to connect the two reds together, there should be both parts of a round 2pin plug socket connector behind the glass fuse box panel. And as some others have said the tail lights work seperatley from the front side lights/cluster lights.

You can see the connector over towards the right hand side of the diag below, next to rear fog switch no.97

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