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John O'Groats to Lands End


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Still in the early stages of planning this and it's probably not much more than a glorified camping trip but I'm planning a 7-10 day trip with my girlfriend (Sarah), starting in Liverpool (home) with overnight stops at Loch Lomond, John O Groats, Somewhere around Northumbria (undecided), The Lake District, Then Cornwall and back to Liverpool.

Along the way we are going to visit my brother in Barrhead (not for long enough that his wife might cook for us though :sick: ) a short stop in Edinburgh, and we are still looking at ideas for other short stops on the longer driving sections.

I'm planning on stopping for at least 3 nights in the lakes and maybe 2-3 nights in Cornwall with some greenlaning thrown in while I'm there. We've never done a "driving holiday" but we'd like to the same sort of thing around Europe in the future so we are looking at this as practice for loading the Disco and packing etc.

We haven't set any dates in stone yet because we are hopefully buying our first house in the new year so it all depends how quickly that goes but when we have dates in mind, it would be cool to meet up with some people for greenlaning or a beer in a local pub on the overnight stops.

I'll keep this thread updated with our plans and the actual trip when we eventually set off and I'd love any advice the wiser folk on here have.


Apologies if you've seen this on other forums already.

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Cheers Si..... I'm sure we can avoid the cooking. Haha. My other half was reading a blog about a Land Rover trip to Norway yesterday and she's really got the bug for this trip now. Even talk of a roof tent (budget won't allow that this time round) for future trips if she enjoys this.

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Looks like this is gonna happen in early September now. We have just had our mortgage in principle approved for our first house so that's the priority for our time and money for the next couple of months (on the upside, the house we are looking at has a garage)

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