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4wd not engaging in LOW


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Hi all my SIII 109 will run 4x4 in high when I press the lever. However in Low it seems to sometimes run low and sometimes not.

Figured it out when I got stuk on a grassy slope, rear was slipping only (2nd gear in Low). Switching to 1st in High and reapplying the 4x4 knob took me up the hill easily.

How can this happen? what to look for?

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If you're lucky the problem is sticky linkage at the front of the transfer box. Lift the offside floor and you'll see the transfer box lever and the selector cover. The mechanism (which runs the length of the output cover) is a bit wierd but relies on the movement of the selector into which the 4WD lever locking pin drops into. This is turn is controlled by springs rather than a lever.

What happens is that the selectors rust where they emerge from the alloy housing - which makes them stiff. In particular this affects the spring-loaded one - and you can have hours of fun cleaning it all up, removing rust and getting it to move sweetly.

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