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water sensor for fuel filter


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I have a water sensor WKW 000020, which can be placed on a diesel filter.

Unfortunately I have no schedule of the three connections and I can nowhere be found unfortunately.

The pins are marked 1,2,3 and assume that a + - and at a signal light should but what order.

Is there 12 volts on the signal wire?

I hope someone can help me.


Fer Clerc


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Looked it up on Rave for you.

The three connections are Live, Earth and water detected.

These are looking for the connector end, and not the sensor end, but the pins are




Where the ^ is the indent and the @ is the push down to release.


2 - B (EARTH)

3 - WP - +12V

No idea of what the output voltage is, it looks like it goes straight to lamp and not ECU, so may be variable or might be switch like. It may even drop to earth when water present, the Rave diagram is missing some information on that.


EDIT: the TD5 fuel filter has a slightly different size hole on the bottom allowing the sensor to screw in, IIRC you can't screw it into the TDi filter, I remember trying during a service when I picked up the wrong one.

The top end of the filters are identical though.

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