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Series3. Front door seals


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I'm still laughing at the words Series and watertight in the same sentence. I have reduced some of the gap on my doors by pulling in the door catches on the existing seals and pushing the door tops in a little. I do plan on repairing the door seals at some point as the cill section is ripped, I will probably try to patch a section rather than completely renew

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Welcome to the forum and Land Rover ownership. There are plenty enough challenges from this day on but you might like to modify your expectations before you get too disillusioned!

Don't worry though you will either hate it or spend your life on it!

Guess which ones we are?

Have fun lots of the answers are here.


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You can fit the Defender seals, but will need to remove all the rivets holding the original seals in, not just he seals themselves, and will need to grind the lip of the seal mounting flange back to remove the 90 degree fold level with the inside of the fold (ie the fold itself needs removal to reduce the size of the flange or the door seal will make the door aperture too small for the door to close). You also need to look at getting the door tops to lean inwards correctly - they usually have gaps around the top,pattern door tops being terrible for it.

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