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Stuck in difflock


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Not the usual issue with a difflock so the search isn't helping. My Ninety (with LT230) is stuck in difflock, can't turn either prop independently with wheels raised and a nasty windup feeling when cornering followed by a loud bang as it unwinds.

The tricky question is the cause - the lever and mechanism are free so the plunger on the side of the box moves in and out freely with a click, but it's still in difflock either way. It moves in and out of hi/lo range easily too, but that's separate.

All the online guides point at freeing the linkage but nothing deeper. It's going to have to come apart, if it's a common or easy fix. Otherwise I'm in the market for a difflock assembly!

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I did some more investigation today. It clicks happily into both positions, the detent is working fine and the position looks good, 12 and 2 o'clock as per Ashcroft site.


I lifted the selector plate and all looks clean and oily as it should - but both props still turn together! It looks like the diff is bust - off to the classifieds!

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