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Hello I have a 1988 110 with the age old issue of every year the hand brake locks on during the wet months, every year the mechanic strips and cleans it and it works again. I cannot afford the obvious answer of an x-brake and not able to make one up from old bits.

It is always just caused by crud, getting in the open "seals," not being able to get out, and drying inside, a blow out with the airline, a few degrees with the adjuster and all ok till I can get it apart for a proper clean but it is a lot of hassle.

I was wondering as water and crud gets in anyway whether it would be possible to cut a few small slots in the front plate, one at the bottom to allow draining and two at the top edges to allow cleaning (airline) and lubricating. Not sure if this would weaken it all cannot see it as only the front cover and whether it was just a bad idea for another reason, yes it will let more crud in but will be a whole lot easier to get it back out without the juddery drive home to let it dry and get tools?

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Before the X-Brake, I had 4 x 13mm holes (only because it was the biggest drill bit I had) symetrically drilled in the corner between the round & flat faces.

It allowed the water to be centrifuged out - but were also big enough to poke a hose pipe in to wash all the mud out of the interior. It worked very well in maintaining the performance - though it has to be said that the performance was never that fantastic, which is what led to making the X-Brake!


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The RRC version from '86 to 92 is quite good - not as good as the Td5 one

Might I also suggest that when your mechanic strips it down again - get him to replace the internal springs - they are pennies, come in packs of 5 and are a nice light blue and/or red colour...

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