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Eberspacher Diesel Air Heater Models D5LC - LOCKOUT


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Before doing this please ensure there are no current fault conditions on the heater ., the LOCKOUT is a safety function.

This should not be attempted on an Airtronic heater as there is a real risk of ECU damage.

As far as I know if you cancel the lockout on an Airtronic the unit will only start once its done another full check of itself, if it finds a fault it will not start up even after cancellation. However yes if you don't know the reason for lockout then its good practice to find the fault first. However I'd hardly say low fuel was reason enough for a permanent lockout. If I'd been on the road I'd not have been able to unlock the unit (as the detail on process isn't readily available) and may very well have frozen to death !

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The low fuel cut out is actually a failed start, its to prevent the heater continually trying to start. Bringing in the glow pin or plug continually can cause damage to the glow pin or plug. It also prevents the battery being flattened during this high current draw initial start up phase.

It would be a safety time exceeded fault- to avoid flattening a potentially vehicle immobilizing battery.

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Hi thanks for the help. Just purchesed a 98 pulse ambulance.

I have tried the above with no luck with the d5 in my pulse ambulance, my heater starts up and will run continuously when the dial is turned to the blue spot, however when turned to the red section of the dial the heater blows for 20 seconds and then trips out, ie causes the switch to jump to the out / off position.

The heater was tried to be started more times than 4 so has probably been locked out and this may have been due to low fuel as only had 1/8 th of a tank but upon refilling and trying the above mentioned trick no luck!

Any suggestions would be great!


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buy a 801 controller and read the codes. It might need to go into the shop or some bits might need replacing.

did the light in the middle of the dial flash the codes when you re-set it. It should have but it only flashes one code so if there are more you need the 801 to read them all.

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Thanks guys!

No blink codes at all, i hear a change in fan speed when i reset but thats all.

I am near Belfast so not to close to Hants or Dorset, but if you know of anyone that could help in N.Ireland that would be great thanks! If not will have to be a 801 I guess.

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Thought i would let anyone with the same problem know what the problem was,

I purchased a 801 controller and it returned no errors, so i tried bypassing the circuit breaker with a fussed wire (30 amp) and hey presto the heater is working :).

so only problem now is finding a similar circuit breaker because they are going for 150 quid each online :s

Should be something similar about though.


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On 1/21/2019 at 11:54 AM, AliDave said:

I have had a lock out on the D5LC on my boat and used this forum to reset the 12v R4 controller. 

Happy days. All working now.

Many many thanks.

AliDave, I have a lockout with my D5LC, 12v R4, on my boat. Please can you tell me how you managed to unlock it on your boat?


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