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Top Gear Failure by Chris Evans


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Allegedly the rumour mill has it that filming of Top Gear has been halted as the Ginger One cannot drive and talk at the same time.

If anyone knows the shows producers can I put forward Lady Studmuffin to step up to the mark.

She can drive, talk non stop including looking directly at front seat passengers as well as turning to gauge the reaction of rear seat passengers, and at the same time checking her nail varnish, drinking coffee, fiddling with the radio, ignoring road signs and most requirements of the Road Traffic Act, whilst pouring scorn and verbally abusing anyone who doesn't meet her high standards of lane discipline.

All in all she could make Clarkson look a bit of a big girls blouse!

Just a thought


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Think JC once he had sold the brand fully, was more and more fed up with the continual pressure of the Marxist state that is the BBC breathing down his neck.

Kill the brand, walk away with no recourse, get funded by a multi-billion pound company to go and make exactly what he wants. Sounds like a good thing...

I also happen to believe that moving to Amazon is a visionary-like move, they are the future of TV across the globe now.

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I'm a big TG fan, and love it not as a motor review program (I find that ilk such as 5th Gear boring) but as a bunch of lads doing fun things that you can't do yourself. I love its political incorrectness, in an overly PC world.

Let's face it the new BBC offering will be dire, and i won't be watching.

I want to see those 3 guys that i have come to love, doing what they do.

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I used to enjoy top gear as an entertainment show, some I think went too far to be funny, like the india one and it did get very repetative, buy something, crash it, get angry at each other...

Top Gear was worth a mint to the BBC, the format was sold the world over including merchandising etc and you have to remember the BBC needs funding to do what it does like any other business, they can't advertise so any program that makes them money keeps the license down.

I like Evans but they need to change the program in every way as the old program was all about those three, if they don't it will just face constant criticism.

The wife has Sky which costs a disgusting amount of money so theres no way I will pay out a penny for any other service regardless of whats on, I've tried to get her onto an alternative service before but sky just works, it's easy to use as everything is in one menu system and its piped to every TV in the house. Maybe I'll see it when it makes it to Dave ;)

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Trying to make TG work after the event is a mistake IMHO, if they wanted a fresh look with some new presenters i'm thinking semi-seroius drivers/reviewers Steve Coogan, VB Henderson, Sabine Schmitt, Jason Plato and for a stig/challenge features Johnny Vegas, Colin Furze and Gino de Campo. Anyone else any ideas?

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Regardless they've gone with Chris Evans. He has also said it needs to be something new. I guess TG has gone through various incarnations - and will do again.

Personally I didn't watch it anymore - I loved the production, the photography, the locations and the car centric pieces they did - I guess you'd say their journalism - but over time it was overtaken by their scripted humour and predictable dialogues and ever more ridiculous fantasy events. So for me what I liked about it was probably largely down to everyone else who worked on it - and what I disliked was everything's they brought to it.

Wait and see what it turns into next. I'm hoping it will be better - it seems certain to be different program regardless.

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