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Pinion nut too tight?


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Hello everybody,
I've purchased an original brand new diff (old stock) for my Series SWB with Rover axles.
I've noticed, before installing it, that was almost impossible to turn the pinion without a great amount of force applied.
So I proceeded to slacken the pinion bolt and everything turned without problems.
When I installed the diff at the rear axle, I re-installed the pinion nut and torqued it to the correct amount found on the green bible (130nm). After that I wasn't able again to turn the pinion without applying much force.
Now I'm worried that too much strain on the pinion bearings is applied, and also I notice a pitched vibration when accelerate or decelerate from 40+ mph.
Don't want to destroy this brand new diff!
So, it is normal that it is almost impossible to turn the pinion at hand?
Or I have to slacken the nut and let the diff rotate without drag, although at a lower torque value of the nut?
Pretty confused...

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Ditto. ...use a bag weigher or fishing weight spring thing.....how much lbs needed before it turns.

If pinion height or preloaded wrong it's a full strip and reshim and reseting.

Yes....when Steve and I were working and kami we had brand spanking genuine new factory in its and tell set up write very wrong.

Maybe all the individual areas were just in extremes of tolerance. ..but compounded equalled horrors! !!!!

Where abouts are you ??

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