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Its been 12 month since my last service and last february did my cylinder head. Recently my engine has been a bit noisey at start up (tappit sounding noise) then after about 10 mins it dissapears.

I was planning to firstly check my gaps in valves then do an oil change/service. Hopefully that will sort it out unless the valve caps are worn.

Just wanted some advice on the best grade of oil to use based on a 300TDI engine with approx 140K miles on the clock.

I have been told you start increasing viscosity of the engine oil as your engine ages.

Any recommendations as to the best to use ?

As usual any feedback and advice is greatly appreciated.


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Get the cheapest 10W40 semi synthetic that conforms to spec, and change it every 6 months/6k miles. I go to Wilkos - £15 for 5 litres.

If you want more peace of mind then buy an expensive branded oil. I've been doing the above for 5 years and now at 170k miles.

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