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six speed gearbox on TD5

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Good day to all

I have just joind this group and have always wanted a Defender as long as i can remember, well i managed to get a 2000 110 TD5 that is going to be my project over the next few months, i drive a 110 2.2 Puma as a company car, my question is has anybody fitted the 6 speed Puma gearbox to a TD5? and if so what mods had to be done?

before i start the work i would like to work out exactly what is needed on the vehicle to ensure everything is done like i want it, it is going to be built mainly for off road use as we do alot of camping.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards


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The 6 speed manual is a Getrag MT82, never heard of or seen anything about one behind a TD5, surely it would be much easier and possibly cheaper to fit a GKN overdrive on the transfer case?

I am really struggling to see benefits of fitting an MT82 against an overdrive, the extra gear is only beneficial on the highway, ok the MT82 has a lower first gear but never heard any complaints about the R380 unless tyres over 33" were fitted(think 35" is popular for looks but never get the gearing corrected and they are worthless!!!).

Welcome to the forum BTW.

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Hi Nigelw

Thanks for the welcome i am sure i will enjoy. So in that case i think it will not make sence for the extra work on the gearbox fitting the MT82, i will also be keeping the standard wheels on the vehicle i got no reason to change them for what i am going to be using the vehicle for

Thanks again and all the best.

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