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Is Nige On Holiday?


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As title. Does anyone know if he's around just now?

I sent him a PayPal payment and he is normally very quick (a few hours) at responding with a reply stating that he has received payment, shipping details etc.

Normally I wouldn't panic but I've been having weird things happen to my PayPal account of late :(

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It's been a short while since he did himself an injury.... Perhaps he doesn't get any mobile Internet while sat in A&E.

Oh dear. I didn't get to hear about his latest mishap. What happened? Hope he's ok?

I've tried pm'ing him before but I think he gets so many he doesn't seem to reply to them..

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He did hurt himself a couple months back, web shop has been on and off since then, understandably. Seems as he gets even older these things take longer to heal...... hopefully we'll hear from the man himself to let us know what's what :)

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.....Seems as he gets even older these things take longer to heal......

Lol Bowie.. If that doesn't get him to respond nothing will! :)

Edit: I emailed him yesterday as he tends to respond to them better than PM's but haven't heard anything as yet.

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Yup...am about ....

Bit of a mare...

90 caught fire

Had minor keyhole op. ...turned into letterbox ?

Split stitches...so

Had a staple or 3 ...not diy lol

Swamped work

Had new projects on the go..

Has massive changes to website

Back orders


So took webs hop online to get a breather catch and heal...staples out but it's never good having an op on old scar tissue. ...

Still about still alive @

Oh and the proper Donnington 4xr show Feb 14th...want to be good for that !!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry Gary. ...

Am about ...been wounded lol...staples n stitches now out workload o efload. ...I'll work out your shipping Monday. ..

Health and wounds come first - I figured you might have just taken the month - I would have. ;)



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