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Lt230 hi/lo sliding collar and dog teeth

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The lt230 uses a sliding collar to select the respective high and low range transfer box ratios.

Has anyone ever broken the dog teeth off the high or low ratio gears?

I'm fiddling about with pneumatics at the moment and I can't help but think because of them being so small and because there are only half the number of dog teeth to slots in the sliding collar, I was wondering if this would be my new weakest link, given everything else has been upgraded (diffsx3 + pegged, half shafts, cv's, brakes, gearbox)

I estimate I will be putting about as much torque through the box in high range as a tdci does in low range. (First gear anyway)

Making good progress now, almost out of the custom bits phase and into the bolting standard components together phase.


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Since noone answered: I never hear of that collar going south, usually the only thing that brakes is the diff cross. There is a reinforced version of this which should make it pretty bulletproof.

What engine are you planning to use?


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Thanks Daan for the reply.

Not the collar.... just wondering about the dog teeth on the gear as shown here (I guess what got me wondering is a) they are fairly small, b) mine show a bit of wear [it was an existing box behind a 3.5 / LT85], and c) there are only 1/2 of them to the number of slots in the sliding collar.



No cross pin in mine... changed to ashcrofts LT230 LSD.

Engine: LS7

Specs on page 4: https://www.chevrolet.com/content/dam/Chevrolet/northamerica/usa/nscwebsite/en/Home/Vehicles/Performance/Catalog_Download/02_pdfs/ls7-efi-crate-engine-19244098-1.pdf

Or page 21 here : http://www.crankshaftcoalition.com/wiki/images/8/84/Building_the_Chevy_LS_Engine_-_Rebuilding,_Performance_Mods_-_M._Mavrigian_%28HPBooks,_2010%29_BBS.pdf


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