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Brake problem

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Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help put a lid on this can of worms I have opened.

I have put vented disks on a non vented axle, fitted the callipers today, the N/S disk didn't sit central in one and would barely take the pad. The O/S sat perfectly however I now cannot turn the hub as it fouls on the caliper.

The hubs seem to be slightly different to that of my old axle which had vented disks from the factory. The flanges on the old axle are a lot thinner and there is less material behind the wheel studs on the flange, which is what's causing the clearance issue.

The callipers were new out of the box today and were from bearmach. The disks are also new but I forget the origin. New pads and pins.

Any ideas? It's clearly going wrong somewhere but I don't know where as I've never come across these thicker drive flanges/hubs before

Apologies for the bad photos....I was losing light


That's how much room I have


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