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Anybody use Tesco Direct Car Insurance?


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My Insurance is due for renewal at the beginning of Feb.

I have always been an Adrian Flux user,.However,

this years policy has increased over £200.

So i thought id do a little surfing and try somewhere new.

Went on gocompare and did the usual forms

and to my amazement Adrian Flux were one of the dearest

and Tesco Direct were not only far cheaper by a mile

and gave me better mileage as well.

05 Range Rover Vogue L322 4.4 V8 Petrol

Parked on drive

49 years old

20+ years ncb protected

0 points

fully Comp

social, domestic pleasure inc cummuting

Free courtesy car

No excess

So my quote from A.flux was £1328.10

limited to 5000 miles a year

Tesco Direct £445.00

limited to 15000 miles a year

Sadly i dont think that Mr Flux will be able to match this.

But before i go ahead, i would like to hear if anybody else uses Tesco Direct.

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We used them for a factory standard 90 Tdci and got a premium under £200, but the clincher is that the car has to be standard. We had to move the following year because we added a snorkel and they insisted it was a mod rather than an accessory. Hastings Direct covered us after that for £220, including the snorkel, after some fairly firm but friendly negotiation. Both companies were good to deal with. However, I have also had high Flux renewal quotes in the past, despite being a loyal customer; they came down an astonishing amount when I gave them other quotes - it's worth shopping about every year.

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Other than having a set of AT grabbers on its fully standard.

Theres nearly 300 horses at my right foot, i dont really need any more

Im going to give Adrian Flux the opportunity to drop their price,

but i cant see them matching the prices quoted.

Adrian Flux have always given me a good competitive quote in the past

and a few times have been the only ones that would insure my 4.0 V8 P38

due to it having a gas conversion on it

I also use them via Bikesure to insure my Motorbike

I suppose loyalty doesn't count these days

and Tesco will probably end up with my custom

Shame really

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Only stipulation was car had to be registered in main drivers name

There's a legal requirement on all private car insurance policies that the main driver must be the policy holder, but I have never come across this, even that year with Tesco.

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All insurance companies work on the basis of inertia, they think that you will accept the quote rather than look around. I believe that they now automatically renew if you don't challenge the cost if they have a direct debit / Debit Card details. I now flip my main drive, and house insurance every year as a point of principle, with 9 MeerCats to prove it. The last renewal from RAC was double what they were offering new joiners, bear in mind that RAC / AA are actually insurance. When I challenged the renewal it was dropped to £3 below the new joiners cost. I often wonder how much I gave paid over the odds in the past, before comparison sites.

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Flux may get closer than you'd expect but are unlikely to beat the generic mass-market insurers on standard vehicles, shame really as I much prefer their service (speaking to real people who usually actually do give a carp about you).

I'm with Tesco on the Freebie (std) because they're the cheapest quote from a company I've actually heard of, although they did do the usual ar5ehole trick of ramping my renewal up this year, went online to a certain meerkat related website, Tesco came out about £150 cheaper than themselves :angry: if anyone else (of known repute) was near on price I'd have switched but as it was I cancelled and took out a new one via the meerkats. Pees me off that the entire industry works on the business model of the general public being lazy incompetents, but I guess most of the time it works :rolleyes:

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I recently changed insurer but prior to that was with admiral for about 4 years. I noticed that once i had the policy with them wouldnt quote on comparison sites for my details any more. Initiall their sister companies would (Bell, Elephant, Diamond) however, and 2 out of the 3 years all three sister companies were within a few quid of each other and MUCH cheaper than the renewal they'd sent thru. Each time a phonecall and some rubbishy excuses had them match the online price of their sister company (which as it happened was the cheapest quote). I expect this was so existing customers dont get annoyed that their renewal is more than they're offering new customers as a few folk above have mentioned above with other firms. Just shows the levels they go to!

The last time around, none of the admiral group companies quoted, so they've presumably refined their system even more. Their renewal was still uncompetitive, so i went elsewhere this time rather than calling up, no point giving them my money when they're acting like that.

They also suckered me into their "multi-car" scheme last year. Sounds great, until you come to renew and find they're wildly uncompetative on one or other vehicle. It also adds even more inertia in their favour, as they align all the policy end dates, resulting in me now having to chase around for two insurance policies at the same time now!

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flux have been good to me being the only insurers who would touch me two years ago and i thought the renewal was good at 1/2 what the previous year was, until i rang them on the off chance and moaned, 1 st year £800 renewal. £400 ended up paying £250... go figure.

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£1300 and limited to 5000 miles at 49! Ok I'm 57 only 3 yrs ncb due to guy hitting me on my side of the road over a year ago and still fighting it not with Flux for that car.

05 4.4 Disco 3 with LPG 12000 miles 2000 business miles fully comp Flux charged me £1100.

My series 1 V8 on limited to 3000 miles is £120 the actual insurance is £35 the rest is to Flux but they tell that, its not hidden.

They have worked on their std car prices.


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Aaragen - I have insured with Admiral multicar for a number of years now and have the same problem at renewal time. I find that 'accidentally' misspelling my name allows a quote to be produced online. I then ring up, moan a lot, get them to match it and correct the spelling. Very annoying but I have found they cannot be beaten when you are insuring 4 cars in one hit. They even do classics now so I have my series 2 insured on an agreed valuation with them.

Back to the OP - that seems expensive to me! Last year when I still had my V8 petrol L322 my details/premium came out as follows

2002 V8 Vogue L322
30 Years old Male
9 years NCB
Clean license
Parked on drive (in rural Suffolk)
£150 Excess
£240 per year

They have now upped it to £420 per year for a 2010 Vogue SE TDV8 but that was a mid year change so I suspect they screwed me a bit

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Agree - that seems a tad high. I have a 2007 Vogue TDV8, 27 year old male with 25 year old sister, and both parents. 7 years NCB, parked on road in Surrey. Can't remember excess - about £250-500 I think.

Just a tad under £500 I think for 15k miles per annum - without my sister would be about £100 cheaper.

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Just thought id update

Rang Adrian Flux up regarding the renewal price

After i told them that i could get it cheaper with Tescos

they rang the insurers and managed to get the figure down to £786.

but couldn't match Tescos or come anywhere near.

So sadly i have had to leave them and start with Tescos.

Incidentally, having watched the footage of the dashcam of the other Fullfat member

and as i have managed to save some money on the insurance price,

I have gone and got myself a front and rear Blackvue dashcam

(yet to be fitted though)


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