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TD4 Power Loss & Smoke


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Hello All, I am a newbie here and I need some advice please.

I have a Freelander Mk1 Facelift 2005 2.0 Ltr Auto. It has been running fine until just recently.

Now when driving along gently, no pressure all is fine, under acceleration I get loads of smoke, hesitant power, then a sudden increase in power coupled with either a hissing, or suction noise from just behind the dash area. I also now have an engine management light on in yellow. The vehicle has an auxilary heater but I don't think its anything do with that..!!

I need to get it in to a garage, but wondered if anyone has had anything like this happen, if so what was the prognosis.?

Thank you in anticipation..!!

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Thankyou FridgeFreezer, I wondered if it could be something to do with the turbo, if it is just a hose, that's not bad, fingers crossed..!! The amount of smoke was a worry, cars behind dropped way back so they could breath and see, no tailgaters..!!

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